We believe everyone deserves the basic dignity of having a clean pair of shoes that fit. We make gently used, high-quality shoes available to those in need through a personal, pop-up shopping experience, throughout Richmond, Virginia.




1 in 4

Richmond residents live in poverty


People in the city of Richmond are served by homeless agencies; shelters, outreach and housing programs


Men, women and children experience homelessness daily in RVA


Socks and shoes are the two most requested items among those living in need


Our Team

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Robin Telfian

Having grown up in a rural coal-mining town in western Kentucky, Robin has long been aware of those living in poverty around her, learning from her mother at an early age the importance of helping others.

After sending her youngest son to elementary school, Robin decided to dedicate more time to her local community. One afternoon, after a conversation with David Hewlett, a soup kitchen guest, Robin saw a tremendous opportunity to place new and gently used running shoes on the soles of those most in need—and the Shood story began.


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Jeff Wells

Jeff Wells is most passionate about two things: running and serving his community—and his work with Shood is a clear demonstration of his love for both.

Along with his family, Jeff is the owner of two Fleet Feet stores in the Richmond area, helping runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts of all levels find the shoes that perfectly fit their active lifestyles.

Following an initial meeting with Robin Telfian in April of 2017, they realized they shared a very achievable, very human goal: to size and fit those less fortunate with shoes. Since then, Jeff has been an essential part of Shood’s activities, from collecting running shoes at his retail locations, to sizing and fitting as many people in need of shoes as possible.


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David Hewlett
Community Liaison

David Hewlett grew up in Richmond, VA, attending Armstrong High School before securing a full-time job at the John Marshall Hotel, along with an apartment and a bright future.

However, drug abuse eventually entered David’s, resulting in a lost job, a lost apartment and two years of living on the street. In 1989, made the decision to change the downward direction of his life­—a decision that lead to his recent celebration of 20 years of sobriety.

Currently, David lives in an apartment and has dedicated his free time to helping those who are still living on the streets, motivated by his unique understanding of the importance of helping the less fortunate feel human.

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